My Vue.js GitHub boilerplate search engine

This blog post was written by Nick McBurney and published .

My Vue.js GitHub boilerplate search engine

I decided last weekend to build a Vue.js powered boilerplate search engine which could search GitHub for boilerplate repositories using either a search input or common boilerplate categories.

I've played around with Vue before but wanted to improve my skills. Whem im learning new frameworks and wanting to get stuck in fast I often use a boilerplate to get started, so why not build a Vue powered boilerplate search app and improve my skills at the same time.

To build my app I used the GitHub API, it was incredibly simple to get started with, and (as you might expect) it has excellent documentation and an active online community making it easy to overcome any bugs/issues I had.

You can try out my boilerplate search app, which I've aptly named Boilerplater or view the source code on BitBucket.