That bug is my fault #1 - IE disabled parent not serialized

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That bug is my fault #1 - IE disabled parent not serialized

I'm writing about bugs I've caused in the hope it'll stop me repeating them and maybe help someone else making the same mistakes I've made.

The bug

Applying a [disabled] attribute on a <div> element* resulted in the child <input /> value not being serialised on form submission (affecting IE/Edge only).

*The [disabled] attribute was used to apply specific styles to a 'pre-populated' form - displaying an 'edit' link and a green tick icon using the <div>'s pseudo :before.

The HTML markup:

(excluding the C# used to add the property and populate the input)

<div disabled>
	<label for="fName">First name</label>
	<input type="text" id="fName" name="fName" value="Nick">

	<span class="edit-input">Edit</span>

The prepopulated style:

Prepopulated form styles

The cause

Inputs with the disabled attribute will not be serialised when using jQuery's .serialise() function, IE/Edge handle inputs with a disabled parent as disabled themselves so the child input was not serialised.

Chrome and Firefox don't handle disabled parents in the same way and they will serialise the input.

The fix

I removed the attribute and used a disabled class: <div class="disabled"> instead.

This is a much better way of doing things and thinking back I'm not sure why I used a disabled attribute over a class. Its not valid HTML and there was no reason to not use a class - other than complicating the CSS/JS.

You can see the bug in the pen below (use IE).